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Bridal & Sp​ecial Occasion

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Our shop welcomes all types of alterations, but we'd like to take this space to elaborate on Bridal & Special Occasion alterations, specifically.

Wedding Dress alterations are not DIY-friendly! Some brides are tempted to save money by attempting alterations on their own, especially if they or a family member has a sewing machine or some experience with sewing. This is a mistake; wedding dresses are elaborately constructed, and typically involve multiple layers of fabric or lace and beading that needs to be accounted for. While the expense of hiring a professional seamstress can seem excessive to some brides, the cost of completely replacing a botched wedding dress is much higher. Professional tailors are worth the money and worth the time.

The process of fitting and altering any wedding/ special occasion gown is much more precise and involved than other types of alterations. Dresses must be fitted carefully to enhance the figure and silhouette. Many factors determine the seamstress's time, and ultimately the price involved. One of these is the number of layers in the dress as each will require a hem. Other factors may include intricate beadwork, dress design changes, and unusual designs. Maria will communicate these items to you at your fitting, and offer alternatives to contain time and costs while achieving the proper fit.