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Many brides do not realize that buying their dream wedding dress is only the starting point. Wedding dress alterations are not an optional part of the wedding dress process; they are necessary for a dress to fit and look as good as possible. Brides should be sure to familiarize themselves with the alterations process and be prepared to spend some time and money with their seamstress to get everything just right.​

Even if a bride is measured for a wedding dress, the dress is still only available in the usual range of pre-set sizes. If a bride does not perfectly fit into a size six or ten wedding dress, or if her bust falls into​ the range for one size and her hips fall into the range for another, then she will end up with an ill-fitting wedding dress. Since most bridal salons do not stock every dress in every possible size, and since wedding dress designers can use different sizing systems, a bride should always assume that a dress will need a few adjustments for the best fit. Brides that are opting for strapless or form-fitting dresses will be especially concerned with a dress that fits well enough to stay in place.

Wedding Dress Alterations Are Not DIY-Friendly

Some brides are tempted to save money by attempting alterations on their own, especially if they or a family member has a sewing machine or some experience with sewing. This is a mistake; wedding dresses are elaborately constructed, and many involve multiple layers of fabric or lace and beading that needs to be accounted for. While the expense of hiring a professional seamstress can seem excessive to some brides, the cost of completely replacing a botched wedding dress is greater. Professional tailors are worth the money and worth the time.